Perfect Reflection studios

Perfect reflection studios is a independent music label from Norway.
The studios main task is to distribute music for the artist's involved, and to assist other independent artist with general music production. The artists currently involved with the studio is handpicked for their unique style and sound.
The studio also have a sub-division wich offers services within photo and web.

The studio mainly works "in the box", but is also using high end outboard equipment. The two sound engineers that works in the studio has broad experience within the edm genre.
Software and plugins used: Cubase/Wavelab,Waves,Sonnox,SSL and more..
Hardware used: Yamaha DM1000,Focusright and Mindprint preamps++,high quality condenser microphones(akg,violet design,jz,++)

In the web and photo division there are two experienced and educated designers wich can offer new and exiting ideas within both web design, and photo editing.

For questions regarding our services, please use the contact tab.


Music distribution
Mixing and Remixing
Mastering (edm)
Music councling
High quality recordings (both vocal and instruments)
Sound design
Composing and Arranging
Sheet music
Photo editing
Web design